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The Quantum Team

Bruce and Sam Sommerville are a Father and Son team who have led Quantum Construction through 15 years of building excellence. Between them they have over 50 years of building experience and are both fully committed to excelling in their industry with honesty, professionalism and integrity.

Bruce’s role looks toward sales, and his in-depth knowledge of the building code, council requirements and the whole building process ensures that he can guide you through any issues that may arise.

Sam is the ideal on-site Project Manager in that he is personable, has an eye for detail, is determined to do the best job possible, and loves a good challenge.
Both Bruce and Sam enjoy their work immensely and are totally enthusiastic about leading Quantum through at least another 15 years of successful building.

Quantum Construction staff and subcontractors are carefully selected to ensure that their levels of workmanship, integrity, and enthusiasm match those of Bruce and Sam. Along with that, a good sense of humour is certainly a must-have to fit into the Quantum team, all of whom are expected to be polite and respectful to clients, and to enjoy their work whilst on your site.